Armortech AT10 Smith Machine

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Armortech AT10 Smith Machine

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Fully equipped with everything you will
need, Linear bearing Smith Machine,
Lat Pull Down, Low Row,Pec Deck and
two unilateral cable pulley systems.

You won’t be wanting for anything more with your home gym set up but don’t let it stop you from buying more stuff though.

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Maintenance free commercial grade
linear bearings. The smith machine
glides effortlessly making for a smooth and comfortable workout.

A commercialgrade pulley system adds to this well rounded, beautifully crafted functional trainer.

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Designed with quality and space in
mind this Smith Machine also
packs in a lat/ row and pec dec.

Designed to be used by anyone the
self spotting solid hard chromed rack
system makes for a safer easier and
more convenient workout.

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Extra and Options

Includes an angled pull up bar and
weight pegs for easy plate storage,
chest press, lat and row.

Checkout the bench, bar and plate
options to for a complete package

AT10 Smith Machine

The Armortech at10 Smith Machine is a fantastic piece of equipment that offers amazing value for money that will keep your training program ever changing.

The Armortech AT10 Smith Machine with Lat, Fly and Cable Crossover Attachment is your complete one stop shop for building a strong, fit and functional physique. It includes the benefits of a smith machine, multi gym and body weight apparatus without compromising quality. Included are a lat pull-down, multi-grip, non-slip pull up bar, chest fly and cable crossover, meaning you have all you need for a complete workout of your chest, back and arms. With the smith machine you have the peace of mind of knowing you don’t need a spotter to push yourself and get the most out of a complete full body workout.


This Smith Machine comes with some amazing features, we’re sure you will be impressed.

  • Smith Machine, Lat/ Row, Pec Dec
  • Bench Press, Squats
  • Cable Cross Over, Non-slip pull up bar 
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Adjustable safety spotters
  • Accepts Olympic Weight Plates
  • Linear bearing smith machine
  • Plate Storage rack included 
  • Self-Spotting solid hard chromed racking system 
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Weight 140.0000 kg
Dimensions 2.100 × 1.000 × 0.500 cm





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